Friends I’ve Lost..Little Miss Hissy Fit.

There are some people in life you are glad to see the back of I learned this lesson long before my tenth birthday all thanks to a spoilt brat whom we shall refer to as Claire.

Our Mothers were close friends and apparently that meant Claire and I also had to have a firm friendship. I was not happy with this arrangement but my Mum never thought to ask if I liked Claire or not, I was five, my opinion didn’t matter. I was forced to endure four years of Claires ‘friendship’ I honestly cannot recall one happy memory including her. I remember her constant hissy fits and tantrums. I remember how she loved to tease and frighten her little sister till she cried. I remember the time I told her I was afraid of the dark and she immediately turned the lights off, ran out of the room and trapped me inside.


When I was eight years old my family left my home town and moved to Bolton. I would still see Claire once a month, she’d come to stay with me or I’d be shipped off to stay at her house for the weekend. The last occasion I stayed at Claires house left me crying on the staircase before the weekend was through. From the moment I’d arrived she had been particularly vile to me on this trip. She often brought me to tears during our ‘friendship’ but this time her Mother caught me crying. When she asked me what was the matter, I told her everything, thinking that at last Claire would be punished for her bullying ways. Her Mothers response to my blubbering explanation was to tell me I was overreacting and just a bit home sick. I was dumbfounded, for starters I was pretty sure that the bruises and cuts I was hiding were not caused by homesickness, more likely caused by Claire grabbing huge plastic boxes of Barbie dolls and throwing them at me across the room.

I was inconsolable and finally Claires Mother decided to ring my Mum to come and collect me.

On our drive home I told my Mum everything that I’d told Claires Mum. Safe to say my Mother was not impressed in fact she was understandably very annoyed and promised I wouldn’t have to see Claire again! Hurrah!!

Looking back now I feel a twinge of guilt, I feel to blame at part for the breaking down of one of my Mothers friendships. Although I suppose Claires Mum can’t have been a great friend if she let her daughter bully her friends child for years.


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