Sneeze. Sniffle. Cough. Repeat.

Never have I known a grown person with such a terrible immune system as my fiancé, Jonathan. A grasshopper could sneeze, three towns away and without a doubt Jonathan would be sick in no time. I always tell people that it was three months into our relationship that I first saw Jonathan well, he claims I am YET to see him well at all.

Jonathan’s been fighting this current cold/flu/“cough cough oh it’s awful” for a solid week, we had lots of exciting plans for this weekend but as you can imagine they’ve all been put away for another time. Instead of going to buy my new kitchen (much excitement….many cookings) and having a lovely visit to a nearby stately home, we put the futon down and locked the front door.

I’d like to say I’m a rather nurturing person and it kills me to Jonathan this way, he’s coughing and shaking and generally feeling sub-human and there’s bugger all we can do about it! He’s a pro at being sick and knows all the concoctions to take and all I can really do besides making sure his hot water bottle is always at a optimum temperature is bring him a constant supply of his favourite comfort food. Saturday began with a (un)healthy serving of pancakes and all his favourite toppings, have you ever met someone who likes to have sugar, lemon and golden syrup all at once on his pancakes? Jonathan is an oddity. The evening brought veggie enchiladas with lost of chilli powder, Jonathan loves spice, me? Not so much. And of course copious amounts of porridge and tomato soup which, as we all know, is the one true cure all.


He’s feeling ever so slightly better now, I’d like to think that partly due to my ample servings of warm stodgyness, although I imagine the hours and hours of sleep and rest did him more good.

And what do you think my reward was for being such a good nurse maid? I have caught his ghastly germs!


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