Five Photos, Five Stories – Day Two


Without words Adeline leads her lover to the bedroom, all of tonights longings have been leading to this moment. William is hungry for the taste of her, his hands grasp eagerly for the feel of her flesh. She twists from his grip and pushes him onto the bed. With a flick of the switch she turns on the light and begins to undress, smoothly she unzips the back of her red dress and lets it float to the ground. Williams eyes follow Adeline as she glides over to the window, she stands there for a moment looking out then turns to William and flashes him a wicked smile.

At the bottom of the steps a shadowy figure waits for his cue. The light glows from the window and he sees a voluptuous silhouette linger beyond the glass. With this he slithers speedily up the stairs, glistening blade in hand.


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