Five Stories, Five Photos..Day One

I was nominated by the lovely Lone Panda to take part in this challenge.

The idea is to chose a photo everyday for five days, write a story to go along with it, and then nominate another person to keep this all going. I’m very new to blogging so that last part might be a little difficult as I don’t know anybody yet! If you’re reading this and you feel like taking part then this is me tagging you!!


A Holiday For Hamster

Myself and my human like to watch programmes on the television about travel, she enjoys the ones of frosty picturesque european cities but I much prefer to see places with rolling deserts and glowing sunshine. Something about the hotter climate seems to appeal to me, I’m not sure why but I feel as though I’d be better suited to it than the chilly weather we have here in Wales.

You see I’m quite an exhausted little hamster, humans don’t understand the stresses a hamster has. I spend all my days making a nice warm bed from the fluff I find in my cage, I carefully store away food in various hiding spots and just when I feel I’ve finally finished …. my human comes along and cleans out my cage! Every single week I have to start all over again!

This all brings me to a plan I’ve been hatching. I think it would be a splendid idea for me to have a little holiday. Yes, it would do me wonders to spend a couple of days running across the sand dunes of Morocco. Of course my human would never agree to me going so it’s better that I don’t say anything, I’ll just nip out for a few days and show her my holiday snaps when I get back home.

There remains the question of how I’ll get out of this infernal cage which my human insists upon locking each night! There’s absolutely no chance I can squeeze through the bars at the top and I’ve already tried to unclasp the clips on the lid with no success. It seems to me the best option is to burrow out, I’ve already begun to gnaw a small hole near my water bottle, my human has yet to notice. I’ve also discreetly chewed away a couple of inches from the curtains that hang above my cage, these pieces of fabric will be used to help me safely scale down to the floor. My ball is always kept within sight so I’ll just hop in there and before you know it I’ll be carefree and Morocco bound! Wish me luck..

*Based on true events.


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