Five Photos, Five Stories….Day Three


Lungs burning and heart racing, Lucian fell to his knees and tried to breath deeply, “this is hopeless,” he gasped to himself, “I’m an utter fool for trusting Lilliana, any oaf knows that Sprites are wicked little creatures who aren’t to be trusted.” He looked around at the towering trees which surrounded him. Alas he could not see the naughty sprite, she could be hiding behind any of these countless leaves, perhaps she’s entwined in the roots of a colossal oak or huddled out of sight in the nest of a raven.

“Lilliana show yourself at once!” Lucian cried to the heavens, “you’ve brought me into this labyrinthian forest with promises of great treasures to be had. I see nothing! Make yourself known and be true to your word.” His cries went unanswered, just as he gave up hope he heard the delicate flutter of wings accompanied by a mischievous giggle. The sun bounced off the swaying leaves, the light played tricks with his eyes and try as he might he simply could not discover his elfish tormenter. Round and round he span trying to follow the sound of her laughs until finally he fell to the floor, dizzy from his fruitless search.

Just at that moment a gruff voice whispered in his ear, “I can see that devilish imp. If thou promise to rid this once peaceful forest of her despicable ways I will tell you where she is hidden.”

Lucian leapt to his feet, “who said that? Who goes there?”

“Tis I the Willow Tree, I posses eyes powerful enough to spot the most nimble of sprites. We old trees tire of her treacherous ways. You are not the first poor soul she has lead this way. You will find Liliana lying by the stream, so confident is she that you cannot catch her, she has slipped into a happy slumber. Move now with haste and light feet you surely cannot fail.”

Lucian did just as the Great Willow Tree had instructed, he rushed to the stream to find Lilliana dreaming unawares. He seized her quickly and thanks to Lucian, Lilliana could never again bother those who dwelled in the forest.


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