Five Photos, Five Stories….Day Four


Mr Grumble..

Through London town we stumble,

On the search for Mr. Grumble,

It may seem odd to some,

That a man so awfully glum,

Should live on a street,

So vibrant and sweet!

“If I had my way,”

“I’d shoo all the colours away,”

“All these purples and pinks,”

“Simply dreadful!” He thinks,

“Walls painted orange and windows green,”

“It’s the silliest thing that I’ve ever seen!”

The people below can’t hear how he groans,

They’re having too much fun to hear the old mans moans,

For whilst he sits angry sporting a frown,

Everyone else knows this is the best place in town,

This street is the greatest place to be,

And one day soon Mr. Grumble will agree.


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