To Become Less Of A Mess

New Years Resolutions come and go before Spring has sprung. This year I didn’t make a single one, I didn’t want to start the year by making a heap of empty promises to myself.

Instead, I’ve decided to set monthly goals! We’re a way into March and I’ve decided to dedicate this month to becoming more minimalistic and less materialistic. So far, I’ve gutted my writing  desk which, believe me, was a mammoth task! My beautiful antique desk is no longer an unusable, stuffed to the brim with rubbish, box but an actual usable desk! In fact I’m sat at it right now writing this whilst I listen to an acoustic cover of Girls Just Want To Have fun and enjoying a cup of camomile tea.

The great big flower is my pen, amazingly unpractical.

It was such a cathartic experience to declutter this area of the house and I’m eager to do more…my next point of attack is my wardrobe. This is the big one, so many dresses so little room. Wish me luck I intend to be utterly brutal and send a large amount of my unloved clothes to a new, more deserving home.


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