Thank You, Harry Potter.

Like most people of my age, my age being 22, Harry Potter will always hold a special place in my heart. I have so many fond memories from my childhood that relate to Harry Potter. At eight I started my very own Harry Potter magazine that included in-depth looks into each character, documenting how far I’d read into the book and which parts were my favourites. I seem to remember being hysterical with laughter when, thanks to Hagrid, Dudley sprouted a pigs tail. My entire bedroom was adorned with HP, I was a merchandisers dream, if you slapped the name Harry Potter on it I would pester my parents to buy it! Admittedly most of the time my parents would say no, the disappointment of Christmas 2002 still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I’d asked my parents for a Harry Potter wand, it lit up AND had sound effects! Incredible. However I was given a Quidditch broom, this was basically a plastic broom with a tiny screen in the handle that let you play a very pixilated game of Quiditch, rather disappointing. You can imagine my embarrassment on Christmas day when I went out onto the street to do the annual ‘show off your main present’ showcase with my friends. Everyone was scooting around on shiny new bikes and rollerblades, I was stood in my front garden with a broom in-between my legs that made occasional swooshing noises.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 08.47.03

The most important memory or should I say memories I have thanks to Harry Potter are the countless nights my Dad would take me up to bed to read the stories aloud. I was probably too old to be getting a bedtime story but I think Dad was enjoying the books just as much as I was. I have an amazing relationship with my Dad and I will always look back at those days with a smile on my face. Have you ever met a seven year old excited to go to bed? Well I was, if it was Dads day off that meant I’d be getting a story. He’s a bit of an introvert my Father, he’s very quite around new people and tends to be the serious one of our family so who’d have thought he could produce such a convincing Dobby voice?! Each character had their own distinctive voice and way of speaking, if I could’ve I’d have nominated him for an Oscar.


As a late Christmas gift (thank you post office) I gave my friend Heather a time turner necklace. She was pretty pleased with it and spent the entire evening showing it off to everybody, even those who had no idea that this was Hermiones time manipulating piece of jewellery. Silly muggles. When I got home the following day I was inspired to start rereading the series. I was half way through the first paragraph of The Philosophers Stone when all the fond memories and feelings came rushing back to me.

I’ve heard so many stories of how Harry Potter and J.K Rowling have had a positive affect on peoples lives, so I’d like to say – thank you J.K Rowling for giving me and my Dad some of the happiest memories we have.


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