Will You Marry Me?


It’s my birthday weekend, tomorrow I turn 21, Jonathan being the saint he is has let me indulge in all my favourite things this entire weekend. Yesterday we wandered through Hay-On-Wye which will forever be one of my favourite places in the world. Of course I came home with a stack of new books and I bought Jonathan an early Christmas present from Bartrums, the stationers that reminds me of Ollivanders wand shop.

Today, my birthday eve, we have spent eating my favourite comfort foods, so much pizza (!!!!) and watching Disney princess movies cuddled up by the fire.

I let Bronte out for a run in his ball and whilst we were busy watching Beauty and the Beast he managed to escape! I thought to myself, “I haven’t heard him bash into anything for a little while,” and upon investigation I found an empty hamster ball in the dining room. I panicked, myself and Jonathan immediately began a search party. We found him pretty quickly, thankfully, he had decided to wander behind the sofa. Which means he had trotted straight past Jonathan and me lying on the floor! I managed to lure him into reach with a piece of dried banana and I put him back in his cage so he could think about what he’d done.

I resumed my place on the rug by the fire and Jonathan asked if I’d like an early birthday present. My answer was obvious, he ran upstairs and returned with a box tied with pink ribbon. As soon as he handed me the box I had figured out it was a mug, mug size box that felt the appropriate weight. I opened it up and it was full of tissue paper and another small box, both of which I threw to the side still searching for this mug! Jonathan shouted, “woah no!” picked up the smaller box and handed it to me. Puzzled I unwrapped it to discover that it was a ring box! Inside was a really sweet  love heart ring, I pulled the ring off that I always wear on my right hand and replaced it with my new one.  To which Jonathan said, “how about we try it on the other hand,” finally the penny dropped along with my jaw, “well? Will you marry me?” He said.

“Really?” I responded, “Really?”

It was a bit of a blur after that, there were tears and hugging and then the Christmas tree fell on us.

It was a pretty unique proposal I’d say, hamster escapes and an attacking Christmas tree.



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