An Enchanting Forest.

The highlight of last week had to be Saturday, not only because it was the end of my work week but because we finally went for a walk along Goytre Wharf, which is somewhere Jonathan has wanted to take me forever! It was a cold day so we wrapped up warm (including the dog) and headed out.

Many moons ago when Jonathan was knee high to a grasshopper his parents had owned a small boat that they kept docked there. Because of this, the Goytre Wharf holds many memories for him, it was a beautiful walk, made even more special by Jonathan telling me lots of fond memories spent sailing up and down here during the summer holidays.

We followed along the canal for a while, Frankenstein was very intrigued by the ducks however the feeling was not mutual. The canal was surrounded by rolling fields which were full of new born lambs, I could happily have spent all day watching them running and jumping through the grass. We head over the stone bridge and wandered into the trees. It seems that there’s a trail of wooden sculptures which, when followed in order, tell the story of a witch who lived in the woods.

It was magical and the only way to do it justice is show you some of the photos I took that day. Enjoy.

Niwl is Welsh for fog.
Niwl is Welsh for fog.
It’s Frankenstein!

IMG_3773 IMG_3774 IMG_3775 IMG_3777

IMG_3783 IMG_3784

IMG_3785 IMG_3786


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