#TBT Water Fights and Zombies

Throwback Tuesday because Thursdays are so mainstream…

September 2014

The weather was gorgeous what a perfect day we’d picked for our BBQ, we filled the pick up truck with pillows and blankets and drove a few fields away. We parked up in a secluded spot in the trees and that’s when the fun began! I opened up the suitcase I’d brought and threw some swimming trunks at Jonathan which confused him greatly. Then I produced the two huge water pistols I’d secretly bought weeks before. Let the battle commence! We chased each other though the fields, up hills, hid behind trees and even ran through the bungalow so Jonathans parents could laugh at how stupid we were.

After calling an exhausted truce we changed back into our dry clothes and lit the BBQ, Jonathan flipped the burgers whilst I put The Walking Dead on my laptop. After filling ourselves stupid with snack food we decided just lay in the back of truck and wait for the stars….Here we faced a problem, we had unknowingly chosen summer solstice, the longest day of the year to go star gazing. We had both fallen asleep piled under blankets by the time the stars were out!

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 09.09.54


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