Wedding Planning is Not For The Faint of Heart.

Until you start planning a wedding you could never imagine all the things you have to arrange and plan. Or at least I didn’t. Sometimes I find it can be a little overwhelming, especially considering that my groom to be hasn’t been sharing much of the workload. Sometimes, when floral arrangements, unhelpful bridesmaids and quote upon quotes are all getting a little too much, I take the ostrich approach, I shove my head in the sand and wait for everything to calm down.


What have I got done so far? Let’s see…

  • Venue booked & deposit paid.
  • Florist booked & deposit paid.
  • Ukulele jazz band booked. (Thanks Mum & Dad)
  • Not having a photographer..(I know!! But £800 is the average quote..Cannot do!)
  • Decorations arranged.
  • Insurance sorted. (zzzzzzzz)
  • Bridesmaids picked.
  • Registrar booked & deposit paid.
  • Declaration of marriage given…..

Now this last one I had never heard of but is apparently very important. You and your partner go to your local registry office, take every scrap of evidence that proves you are you (drivers license, passport, birth certificate, etc..) and then get asked a bunch of questions mainly, “are either of you married?” and, “are either of you related?”  No on both counts…. I hope.

I have to be honest, the interview process was all a little frightening, we went in together at first then Jonathan was asked to leave the room whilst I was asked a series of questions, all easy questions and of course everything went smoothly but I couldn’t kick this fear that I was going to get ‘found out’. When I had finished answering it was Jonathan’s turn to go in and answer the same series of questions.

Whilst I waited I had a peek into the room where people get married. I’m sorry to say that I wasn’t impressed, I’ve seen some beautiful registry offices but this one was awful, it felt so clinical, I couldn’t imagine getting married in a room so lacking in romance. Seeing this room made me feel certain about the choice we’d made to have our wedding somewhere a little different, (I’ll tell you about it another time). We’ve had critics tell us that we’re dumb for having a big wedding, little do they know what a steal our venue is!

Although I love what we’re doing, I’ve let the doubt creep in, maybe we should have just had a quickie wedding and saved the money…. But here’s the thing, that’s not what we wanted and for the first time in our lives we’re going to do something for us. We’re going to have a wedding in a big castle (yeah it’s a freaking castle) we’re going to have a big party that says, we’re awesome, we’re in love and our life together shall be forever as brilliant as this day!! …. no pressure.


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