To Drive Would Be An Awfully Big Adventure.

A while ago my Fiancé surprised me and bought me a little car! Which was of course amazing but equally frustrating as I lack a drivers license. But having my ‘One Litre Lolita’ spurred me on to finally get some driving lessons. I’ve had lessons before, when I was seventeen but before I got anywhere with that my family moved up to Scotland and I never really got started again. Now though I’ve got a lovely driving instructor named Lauren and I’ve been having lessons for about two months. It’s been going really well, she says she can’t fault my general driving and when on our lessons we spend most of the time having a relaxed chat together.

I have to give Jonathan his credit, it’s because of him I feel confident behind the wheel, he’s been teaching me for almost a year and according to Lauren he’s done a pretty good job of it. I actually really enjoy driving, even though as a learner driver I can’t drive on my own I still get a great sense of independence when I drive us to places. I just can’t wait till I pass *crosses fingers*. I’ve just booked my theory test and have begun cramming for it, the app I was using to do this may be a little outdated as it asked if it would be too distracting to change a cassette tape whilst driving….

If everything goes well I could be driving within the next three months, I’m going to work really hard at this because being able to drive will change my life. I can’t wait to have that level of independence and freedom. Also the hen party arrangements have began and part of it would depend on me having a drivers license!! No pressure!

Wish me luck!

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 07.21.37
My sweet little Lolita.

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