Be A Weirdo..


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To accept that you are not a ‘cool’ individual is the first step to living a life without constantly worrying about what others think, I imagine any acceptance of who you really are as a person will have this effect. To further your enlightenment you can learn and accept that being ‘cool’ isn’t all that fun, being able to express yourself freely regardless of how silly it is, that’s a whole bunch of fun. This sentiment can be very hard to embrace especially if you are still in high school or any situations where your surrounding peers still place a lot of importance on fitting in.

As a teenager I had a large group of friends who I had little in common with and I found it hard to relate to them, I felt like such an outsider and try as I might I was never truly accepted by them. Then I realised I didn’t want to fit into anything if it meant I couldn’t be the person I enjoy being. Then I met a group of girls, they were weird, they were fun and they were my support group and best friends for the rest of school. We accepted each others personalities and quirks and because we were comfortable together we always had the greatest fun.

freak flag

As I’ve grown older I’ve slowly let go of this fear of what people think, it’s hard to do as we are constantly told in order to succeed in life we have to fit into these certain moulds and behave in a particular manner. I say do what you want to, express yourself however you feel like doing so, dress in a way you enjoy, find the things in life that make you happy and forget that maybe there’s people looking at you with stern faces. Their scolding looks are judging you but their also envying you, they may look the part but it’s all a facade. Beneath their perfectly coiffed hair and their stiff upper lip is some kind of quirk, some ‘odd’ passion that they’ve chosen to hide away. So I say, “Let your freak flag fly” if you want to experience unbridled happiness on a daily basis.


8 thoughts on “Be A Weirdo..

  1. Spot on, my friend! You begin to enjoy life only when you stop trying so hard 🙂 I accepted that being weird (and partially mental) is awesome, and because of that I have found some of the bestest (yes, I know it’s an annoying word) friends I could ever dream of having one day! ❤ Lovely first assignment 🙂

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