Clean Me.

I’ve been on a journey in search of health and happiness for months now. I can happily report that both those aspects of my life have improved greatly but of course this is the kind of journey that never has a definitive end, there’s always room for self improvement, there’s always ways to find greater happiness in life.

The biggest change I’ve made is my diet. Honestly I didn’t think my diet was all that bad, I wasn’t gaining weight, I was eating my three meals a day but when I took the time to really evaluate how I ate I realised how poor my it really was.

How did I change? Cut out the processed frozen meals, yes they’re really convenient to just shove in the oven after work and they’re usually pretty cheap too BUT there’s words in the ingredients list that I can’t even pronounce! Good rule of thumb, if you can’t say you don’t eat it.

Upped my veggie intake, there’s loads of veg I enjoy, so stop saying there’s no point cooking it  because you’re the only one who’ll eat it!! Be selfish on this one, cook a big pan of peas and sweetcorn and ignore Jonathan when he says how disgusting they taste!

Downfall, thy name is full sugar Coke. A can a day, really? How stupid, put the can down and walk away! That fuzzy feeling it leaves on your teeth isn’t pleasant and if it’s doing that to your teeth what’s it doing to your insides? No more of that missy!


Basically my final decision was to eat as clean as I could, it isn’t easy, we’ve been raised on processed connivence food and snacking on junk. It’s very difficult to change life long habits and although I’ve been doing this for almost six months I still have bad days. Some days I fall off the wagon and buy myself a microwavable ‘quickie tea’ and I usually feel awful afterwards but tomorrow is a new start and a chance to try again.

Since I’ve started eating a clean and more natural diet my mood and outlook and attitude and energy and EVERYTHING have improved greatly. My body isn’t made lethargic by struggling to digest the indigestible, I’m giving it healthy fuel and my health is the best it’s been for years.


3 thoughts on “Clean Me.

  1. “If you can’t say you don’t eat it.” Hahaha I’m gonna put this one up on my room’s whiteboard 😀
    I started to improve my diet 2 months back, and coz of that I now feel like a brand new person! I sleep better, I’m always in a much better/positive mood, and I’m physically much more active 🙂 Those veggies can really do some miracles to your body 😉
    P.S. Do you know that people use Coke to clean the worst kinds of rust off of steel items? Imagine what it does to your intestines :/


    1. Haha that’s a mantra I’ve drilled into my brother, he hates me now, says I’ve half his diet choices because of it 😉
      It’s amazing how quickly you can feel the benefits when you start to take nutrition seriously! So go you, keep up the good work ;))
      I know!! Uuuuh I have nightmares thinking about it. Blargh!!

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      1. At least he listens to you! Good brother you’ve got there 😉
        When I was diagnosed with prediabetes, I knew the damage has been done 😀 I used to drink 2 cans per day, regularly! But all I can do now is take care of what is left of my poor insulin system :/


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