Day 2: If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

Today the sun is radiant, awakening everything it touches, could this be an optical illusion? I live in Wales, what is Wales known for? Rain. Rain and sheep and soggy rain drenched sheep. To feel the warmth of the sun on my petals is a delightful sensation, if a little unfamiliar.

I am transported to the bay of a Mediterranean village, I stand proudly on the balcony of somebodies apartment, overlooking the shimmering sea. The other side of the water is lined with apartment buildings painted in an array of muted colours, the wooden shutters are thrown open allowing the sea breeze to swoop through peoples homes. The balconies are adorned with make shift washing lines, some balconies hold hard working women taking a break from their cleaning to animatedly chat to their neighbours or to simply spectate the bustle of life below.

A long piece of rope is tied to the handle of a wicker basket and is lowered from the balcony above me. After some loud exchanges between the woman above and the baker standing on the street below, the basket is returned. Pulled carefully up so as not to spill the freshly baked ciabatta that it now holds, nothing can compare to the smell of still warm bread.

Brightly decorated wooden boats bob along the water, captained by old men showing their grandsons how to handle the vessel. They shout to each other in a foreign tongue I cannot understand, but it’s cheery tone is clear to my untrained ear.  The water is very still, the surface glistens like diamonds only disturbed by happy children diving enthusiastically into its depths. Those who are not splashing through the blue are laying on the rocks basking in the beautiful day. I follow suit, stretching my leaves out to fully absorb the warmth of the brilliant rays.

It is the nature of a sunflower to follow the suns direction.


10 thoughts on “Photosynthesising

  1. I enjoyed this blog post very much 🙂 The imagery is great, and I like how you describe the sounds and smells too. I would love to be there as well! Great interpretation of Day 2’s challenge.


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