Songs To Laugh To.

Day 3: Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?

Tenacious D – Tribute It’s my 13th birthday party, the house is full of mine and my brothers friends. Two of my ‘friends’ have taken control of the TV and are forcing everyone to watch The X Factor *sigh*. I will never forgive Simon Cowell for putting the X Factor final on the weekend of my birthday. After being forced to listen to these fame hungry pains wail down a microphone for a while an argument has broken out. It is war between my friends and my brothers, my brothers friends have had enough X Factor and threatening to throw my friends through the window. I laugh but judging by Emmas face I’m worried that she’s not joking. Just as the argument is getting to it’s peak David grabs the remote control and puts Kerrang on the TV, Tribute is playing, a couple of people start singing along and before you know it everybody has joined in. We’re all stood up, screaming along to the song jumping around the room and all animosity is forgotten.
Simple Minds – Don’t You (Forget About Me) I have been friends with a very special girl for twelve years of my life her name is Laura and I love her to bits. This is just one of many songs that hold a special place in our friendship. Other contenders were, Sexy And I Know It – LMFAO and Party In The USA – Miley Cyrus, I know! I didn’t say they were good songs though! We usually blast them all whilst holding the other two people in our gang hostage in the back seat of Lauras car, sorry Nick, sorry Ben. The reason I chose this song over any of our others is ‘the air punch’, you know what I’m talking about, the end scene of Breakfast Club! For Lauras 21st birthday her parents threw her a HUGE party, I wish we could have spent more of the evening together but of course Laura had to circulate through the room thanking distant relatives for coming. Whilst she was doing her rounds I put a request in with the DJ for this song. When the very first note began I span round the room and instantly located her in the crowd, it was easy as she was the only one in the room screaming and punching the air! I love this song because whenever I hear it I think of her, I think of what an amazing friend she’s been and how many good times we’ve had together.

The Beatles – Here Comes The Sun

On my eighteenth birthday we were evicted from our home, we packed as much of our belongings as we could into a truck and headed for Scotland. It had been one of the coldest winters in years, the snow had been so bad the day before our journey that people had been left stranded in their cars on the side of the road. All along the motorway stood half melted snowmen left behind to stand guard over peoples abandoned cars. By the time we made it to our new house night had come, Dad and my brother David hauled our heavier items into the house. I was told to wait in the back of the truck to keep an eye on everything, sat shivering in the back of cold truck in the middle of the night was not how I had envisioned celebrating my eighteenth. This set the tone of the next few months for my family, parents without jobs for the first time in their adult lives, no money, no food, no heating and Christmas just around the corner. Mum was adamant that we were not going to get settled in this place this was just a temporary measure whilst we got back on our feet. Despite Mums feelings I wanted to unpack some of my things, I wanted to feel a little familiarity, I hung my clothes up on the wall, stacked my books in the corner of the room and scattered some of my old teddy bears on my mattress. Most importantly I found Dads CD collection in one box marked, ‘odds and endbeatless’, I plugged in Davids stereo and played The Beatles Abbey Road. For the next two months I listened to this album constantly on repeat. I would dance around my room, my sanctuary, beyond my bedroom door the situation was dire but in here with John, Paul, George and Ringo life was good. I was happy in those moments.


6 thoughts on “Songs To Laugh To.

  1. Opened the tab, immediately greeted by Tribute by Tenacious D. From then on I knew I was in for a good read. Very personal and very interesting post, keep up the good work!


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