Goodbye Grandad

Write about a loss: something (or someone) that was part of your life, and isn’t any more.

To loose someone once is awful, to loose someone twice is torture.

I was ten when Grandad Jack moved into our spare room, he’d lived on his own since Grandma passed away 5 years before. So I didn’t really understand why all of a sudden he was staying for good, I didn’t question it too much because I was so happy! I idolised my Grandfather, we had a very special connection and he always boasted that I was his favourite Grandchild, I was very proud of that title, I had beaten 7 cousins and my own brother for the prestigious award. Grandad had often stayed with us in the past but in my opinion his visits were always too short and I hated it when he went home, “now he’s living with us I’ll never have to say goodbye!”


I didn’t know what Alzheimer’s was, he would turn on the light switch thinking he was turning the oven on, he would take out his handkerchief and use it polish the cutlery. I just thought he was being silly, Grandad always had a wicked sense of humour and he loved playing little jokes. This went on for a little while then all of a sudden Grandad turned into someone else. He was always angry and grumpy, he would snap at my Dad and he no longer wanted to talk or play with me.

One day I walked into the kitchen and my Dad was leaning over the sink crying, I’d never seen my Dad cry before, “Dad what’s wrong with Grandad?”

Dad answered me weepingly, “He’s sick and he’s not going to get better.”

Mum was at work one evening so I was stuck with all the blokes, Dad, Grandad and my older brother David. We were all sat together watching TV, Grandad was talking over the programme, he’d always done this but that night he was getting very agitated at the people on the TV. Then he started shouting, everything was a bit of a blur from that point. Dad shouted at David to get me upstairs and stay with me. We sat looking out at the street and I tried to block out the howls from my Grandad. Soon an ambulance pulled up outside followed closely by my Mums car.

Grandad had got into such a state that my Dad had had to restrain him, my Dad is a psychiatric nurse, Dad had phoned an ambulance because he realised that Grandad had now become a danger to himself. When the ambulance arrived Grandad refused to let me Dad get in with him, so it was up to my Mum to go to the hospital with him. They both got in the ambulance and drove away. I don’t really remember anything from that point on, I was numb. Grandad never came home after that night.


9 thoughts on “Goodbye Grandad

  1. I’m sorry about your Granddad, it must truly have been a horrible experience, which can be seen by the fact that you ended up forgetting some things.

    But you did a great job with this post. Using the first-person narration made me able to picture the scene, and I was able to feel what you were feeling at the time. I also liked the fact that your paragraphs were not too long, and how some were short — especially when you used that one-sentence paragraph to put emphasis on what your father said about your Grandfather’s condition.

    Beautiful post.
    Keep up with the awesome work!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I can’t imagine what that was like to go through. I hope you can hold on to the wonderful memories you were able to have together while he was living at your house while you were his favourite Grandchild and not what the illness did to him at the end.


    1. Yes I’m lucky to have had a Grandad so brilliant, my good memories easily weigh out the bad ones near the end and I spend much more time reminiscing about the good than the bad 🙂


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