Oh Mr. Darcy!

Another sunny day another trip out, to Berrington Hall! The hall was designed by Henry Holland for Thomas Harley a wealthy banker in 1778 but has since been owned by two separate families.


Thomas Harleys’ portrait hanging in the dining room.

Arriving at the main gates to the hall we were greeted by herds and herds of sheep and lambs. Safe to say I had to drive very slowly through there whilst the sheep wandered undisturbed across the road. I actually had a small group of lambs just stand in front of my car whilst they had some kind of staring contest with my headlamps.


The first thing we did was head for the tea room! Where I enjoyed fresh vegetable soup, rose lemonade and a healthy serving of Victoria sponge cake, YUM! The halls’ stables have been turned into a second hand book shop which had a lovely feel to it and I could have left with arms full if I hadn’t put my will power on high alert!


DSC_0002The hall itself was stunning of course, I’ve always had a soft spot for Georgian architecture, I think the symmetry of it is very sweet on the eye. From the outside the hall looks quite stern and cold but inside is a complete contrast!




It was all so brilliantly ornate, even the ceilings were something to be admired.



DSC_0024There are also a collection of costumes on display at the hall including some stunning dresses worn by Anne Hathaway and Billie Piper.


DSC_0010After all the decadence and extravagance of the main hall it was a shock to see the stark contrast of the servants quarters.


DSC_0054We finished our trip with a walk through the grounds walled garden, it was a lovely end to a beautiful day.




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