Baby Blue Eyes

Do you remember the day your Mother put you in my arms and I sang you to sleep? I don’t expect you do, you were so tiny and fragile. You were dressed in a white cotton baby grow which was adorned with delicate blue sail boats. You wrapped your hand around my finger and I held your head against my cheek. I rocked you back and forth and could feel your breathing become heavier as you drifted into dreams.

And then I blinked.

You stand before me today, on your own two feet as you explore every corner of this sun drenched park. You shout excitedly and you wave to the cars going by. Where did that baby go? You run towards me arms reaching out and say, “biccie Auntie Sarah!”

“What do you say?” I ask with a smile.

“Ta! Pwease.”

I somehow convince you to sit still as you devour your biscuit, this gives me a chance to fully admire how beautiful you are. Wherever we go people comment on how pretty you are, “too pretty to be a boy,” they say. Everyone adores your curly blonde locks, I love to wrap them round my finger and watch how they bounce back into a perfect spiral. Those eyes of yours, such a brilliant blue and that smile. Oh! Your mischievous little smile, it’s not fair to have a smile like that, I’ll never be able to tell you off when you’re being naughty.

I wipe the crumbs from your chin and before I know it you’re off again. Pushing the swings, “Auntie Sarah push too.” You don’t want to sit in the swing you just want to push it, you don’t want to go down the slide but just sit on it and you’d much prefer to push the roundabout than sit on it. When an ant comes too close you leap to sit on the safety of my lap. You’re a very cautious little boy. The world is such a big place and there’s so much to learn, I see you looking around pondering your surroundings. You’d be happy to sit on the side lines, just to watch life go by at a distance and work out what is going on. I place my hand on the ground and the ant climbs onto my thumb, “no Sarah, cheeky ant!” You struggle to distance yourself from the ant in your Aunties hand. “Look Ossian, it’s okay,” I say as I hold my hand closer to you. After a little more squirming you settle and calm, you take a good look at the ant and laugh at how fast it runs around my palm.

It amazes me how quickly you have grown from the tiny baby you were and I can’t begin to imagine how you’ll change as you become an adult. I just want you to know that life goes by quickly and if you’re not careful you’ll miss the whole thing. Try new things, adventure to new places, don’t let fear get in the way because there are so many people in your life ready to catch you and keep you support you every step of the way.



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