What A Bitch.

“I don’t care if I upset her, I cant stand the woman!” I exasperatedly shout.
“I know, I know but just for today..” Daniel pleaded, “pu-lu-eeease calm down. Please.”
“Fine! But she’d better not speak to me! She’s a bitch and I refuse to pander to her.”

“Alright, alright, please keep your voice down. Ah! Lucy! Lovely to see you again.”

“Lovely my arse,” I mutter under my breath. I receive a sharp jab in the ribs from Daniel.

“Wow this place looks great, what a venue for a party!” His eyes scan every detail of the room.

“Yeah uh huh, where’s the bar?” With that I’m gone.

I’m stood hiding in the corner of the room, drink in hand, “Look at her sat there, looking down her nose, stuck up cow.”

“Maybe we should go over and thank her for the invite.” Daniel sings.
“You must be absolutely joking!” I exclaim loudly.

Everybody in the room jumps and turns to see what the fuss is.

Daniel smiles and laughs to everyone then hisses to me, “can you please keep your voice down?”

“If you make me speak to her I will not be held responsible for the things I say.”
“Fine, I’ll go and speak to her, I wish you’d let this silly grudge go.” He walks over to Lucy and I turn my back to avoid having to wave or smile in her general direction.

“Well how did it go? Was she her usual charming self?” My sentence dripping in sarcasm.

“I walked over there….”

“I said hello…”


“She ignored me and walked away”

“What. A. Bitch.”

After a short silence he finally admits, “yeah she’s a massive bitch.”


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