Happy School Days!

Today’s Prompt: Tell us something about your favourite childhood meal

Do you remember 10p mixes? That little paper bag you got from the corner shop that was bursting with sweets, usually purchased with a ten pence piece you’d found on the pavement. Hows about a 50p mix? That was the truest example of wealth as a child. If you could afford a fifty pence mix you were basically Ritchie Rich and everyone wanted to be your best mate. I remember once getting 50p from the Tooth Fairy which I immediately blew on sugary sweets, I’d like to think I was keeping the Tooth Fairy in business.

On a weekend I’d go to the corner shop with a bunch of mates and we’d buy enough sweets to knock an elephant on it’s arse. After consuming half our stash we’d fly around the park, that is of course a metaphor but with the amount of sugar in our blood stream I wouldn’t have been surprised if we could go at a speed great enough to gain a little air time. I’d squirrel away some of my sweets ready for some playground bargaining during the following weeks playtime at school.

In your fifty pence mix you’d get little white mice that didn’t actually taste of anything, shrimps, coconut mushrooms, ah! Gummy teeth and gummy toothbrushes and every time you got one of those you’d spend hours miming brushing your teeth, until they started to go all sticky in your warm fingers. Coca cola bottles, couldn’t just pop those in your gob and eat them, had to nibble the top off and pretend to guzzle the ‘coke’ from it. Oh jelly babies, I used to get six of them, line ‘em up neatly, bite the heads off of two then chant, divorced, behead, died, divorced, beheaded, survived. Henry the Eighth related humour from a seven year old, amazing. The chewy red lips that you’d give coyly to a boy you fancied, then run back to your mates squealing, “I gave Rhys my kiss!” I hated, absolutely HATED the beer pints, looking back now it seems a tad inappropriate that a bunch of primary school kids were running about playgrounds eating sweets that looked and supposedly tasted like a pint of bitter. I was always keen to swap those with other kids, preferably for the cherries. Gummy cherries will always be my favourite sweetie, still can’t go by a paper shop without nipping in and buying a handful.

Is it really any wonder I’ve spent my adult life paying massive dental bills?


3 thoughts on “Happy School Days!

  1. I only ever got a 10p mix, never a 50p. I remember all the sweets mentioned here except the beer bottle, I don’t think they had those at my sweet shop. That was a Saturday treat, what a lovely trip down memory lane!!


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