Time Flies..

The passing of time really is a strange thing. I feel as though the days have rushed by me in a flash and yet looking back, the start of my week seems a lifetime ago. It’s been a little full on so I’ll fill you in.


Finish work, change into nice dress, poorly apply make up and battle with flat hair. Jump onto a train and travel four hours to Manchester. Have brilliant night out in Manchester with friends. Get to see friends band play an amazing gig and generally have such an eventful night that it really deserves it’s very own blogpost.


Crawl into bed at six in the morning, wake up at one in the afternoon feeling unacceptably horrid. Enjoy the sensation of someone making you breakfast, spend the next two hours begging your friend to hurry up and get ready then rush off to Bolton. Run to wedding dress shop before it closes, try on dress again, coo at how pretty it is then spend largest amount of money you will ever spend on a garment. Head out for food with more friends, then spend entire evening playing board games. Teach your friends how to play marbles and how to practice yoga (not simultaneously) at two in the morning.


Drag your friend out of bed and race to the train station. Grab a pasty, bite into pasty, spit out in horror when discover cheese and onion pasty is in fact chicken. Berate girl at pie shop for feeding a vegetarian chicken. Run to platform (wedding dress in tow) cheekily squeeze through the crowds and manage to get a seat. Travel to Chester whilst being deafened by two separate stag parties and two other hen parties. Get off in Chester then ring Dad to complain that you have to get off this train and wait in Chester for an hour to get back on the same train! Somehow stay awake for rest of journey home, find that fiancé has planned dinner and dessert and has bought lovely bunch of pink flowers.


BANK HOLIDAY! Thank the powers that be that you do not have to be in work today. Head out to Hay-On-Wye to spend lovely sunny day collecting armfuls of books, wander around antique shops and buy huge amounts of salted caramel fudge. Embrace the feeling of complete contentment.


Return to work, this day goes by and I don’t really seem to notice.


The joys of womanhood! It’s that time of the month and you are in agony, you tidy around the house, bake an almond and raspberry cake then decide being productive is not helping your cramps. Grab you playstation controller, use your Bat-a-rang and PMS to defeat Bane!


Have sudden terrible realisation that you have to take your theory test on Saturday and you have learnt nothing in preparation for it. Download theory and hazard perception app and spend next two days answering questions on road safety.


Volunteer at the local theatre for the first time, help usher people dressed as zombies to their seats before they can enjoy Shaun of The Dead Live. Feel very awkward and shy when meeting large group of new people who aren’t the most forthcoming conversationally. Leave at ten then head straight to parents house to spend the night ‘sleeping’ on the worlds most uncomfortable bed.


It’s 6 o’clock in the morning you’re exhausted and you’re heading to Newport to sit a test you feel wholly unprepared for. Try to focus on the questions but find self very distracted by thoughts of how to tell people you’ve failed. Miraculously pass theory test and immediately feel one hundred pounds lighter with relief. Get dragged to a national trust home which yes is very grand and impressive but not as appealing as your own bed.


Today is devoted entirely to the purists of gaming and eating. Both very noble causes.

P.S I do fully intend to finish the Writing 101 challenge but as you can see, this past week has left me little free time.


3 thoughts on “Time Flies..

  1. Woah what a hectic week you’ve had :O You go girl \m/
    By the way, which book did you buy on Monday? 😀 My mouth drools every-time I see a library or bookstore -,-


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