Fox Hunting

Please help protect poor defenceless animals from a cruel and terrifying death.



I disagree with fox hunting on every level possible personally. Not only is it the killing of animals (which I suppose could be justified considering we do kill other animals all the time in this country for food), but it’s the torturous and painful killing of animals. A week ago the Conservatives were elected into government in the UK with a majority, making leader David Cameron Prime Minister. Among policies such as scrapping the Human Rights Act and refraining from stopping the privatisation of the NHS, he’s also making the idea of removing the ban on fox hunting a possibility.

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To Become Less Of A Mess

New Years Resolutions come and go before Spring has sprung. This year I didn’t make a single one, I didn’t want to start the year by making a heap of empty promises to myself.

Instead, I’ve decided to set monthly goals! We’re a way into March and I’ve decided to dedicate this month to becoming more minimalistic and less materialistic. So far, I’ve gutted my writing  desk which, believe me, was a mammoth task! My beautiful antique desk is no longer an unusable, stuffed to the brim with rubbish, box but an actual usable desk! In fact I’m sat at it right now writing this whilst I listen to an acoustic cover of Girls Just Want To Have fun and enjoying a cup of camomile tea.

The great big flower is my pen, amazingly unpractical.

It was such a cathartic experience to declutter this area of the house and I’m eager to do more…my next point of attack is my wardrobe. This is the big one, so many dresses so little room. Wish me luck I intend to be utterly brutal and send a large amount of my unloved clothes to a new, more deserving home.

Five Photos, Five Stories….Day Three


Lungs burning and heart racing, Lucian fell to his knees and tried to breath deeply, “this is hopeless,” he gasped to himself, “I’m an utter fool for trusting Lilliana, any oaf knows that Sprites are wicked little creatures who aren’t to be trusted.” He looked around at the towering trees which surrounded him. Alas he could not see the naughty sprite, she could be hiding behind any of these countless leaves, perhaps she’s entwined in the roots of a colossal oak or huddled out of sight in the nest of a raven.

“Lilliana show yourself at once!” Lucian cried to the heavens, “you’ve brought me into this labyrinthian forest with promises of great treasures to be had. I see nothing! Make yourself known and be true to your word.” His cries went unanswered, just as he gave up hope he heard the delicate flutter of wings accompanied by a mischievous giggle. The sun bounced off the swaying leaves, the light played tricks with his eyes and try as he might he simply could not discover his elfish tormenter. Round and round he span trying to follow the sound of her laughs until finally he fell to the floor, dizzy from his fruitless search.

Just at that moment a gruff voice whispered in his ear, “I can see that devilish imp. If thou promise to rid this once peaceful forest of her despicable ways I will tell you where she is hidden.”

Lucian leapt to his feet, “who said that? Who goes there?”

“Tis I the Willow Tree, I posses eyes powerful enough to spot the most nimble of sprites. We old trees tire of her treacherous ways. You are not the first poor soul she has lead this way. You will find Liliana lying by the stream, so confident is she that you cannot catch her, she has slipped into a happy slumber. Move now with haste and light feet you surely cannot fail.”

Lucian did just as the Great Willow Tree had instructed, he rushed to the stream to find Lilliana dreaming unawares. He seized her quickly and thanks to Lucian, Lilliana could never again bother those who dwelled in the forest.

Sneeze. Sniffle. Cough. Repeat.

Never have I known a grown person with such a terrible immune system as my fiancé, Jonathan. A grasshopper could sneeze, three towns away and without a doubt Jonathan would be sick in no time. I always tell people that it was three months into our relationship that I first saw Jonathan well, he claims I am YET to see him well at all.

Jonathan’s been fighting this current cold/flu/“cough cough oh it’s awful” for a solid week, we had lots of exciting plans for this weekend but as you can imagine they’ve all been put away for another time. Instead of going to buy my new kitchen (much excitement….many cookings) and having a lovely visit to a nearby stately home, we put the futon down and locked the front door.

I’d like to say I’m a rather nurturing person and it kills me to Jonathan this way, he’s coughing and shaking and generally feeling sub-human and there’s bugger all we can do about it! He’s a pro at being sick and knows all the concoctions to take and all I can really do besides making sure his hot water bottle is always at a optimum temperature is bring him a constant supply of his favourite comfort food. Saturday began with a (un)healthy serving of pancakes and all his favourite toppings, have you ever met someone who likes to have sugar, lemon and golden syrup all at once on his pancakes? Jonathan is an oddity. The evening brought veggie enchiladas with lost of chilli powder, Jonathan loves spice, me? Not so much. And of course copious amounts of porridge and tomato soup which, as we all know, is the one true cure all.


He’s feeling ever so slightly better now, I’d like to think that partly due to my ample servings of warm stodgyness, although I imagine the hours and hours of sleep and rest did him more good.

And what do you think my reward was for being such a good nurse maid? I have caught his ghastly germs!

Books of 2015: Horrorstör – Grady Hendrix

The first book of 2015 for me was Horrorstor by Grady Hendrix I first heard about this book through Youtuber booksandquills I’ll leave a link to her video about it below as she does a much better job of explaining it than I ever could. 
 I was so intrigued by the premise and I’m glad to say it didn’t disappoint. I loved so much about this book, the writing was so gripping I struggled to pull myself away from the story. It was genuinely terrifying in places with some really graphic and vivid scenes that left me thinking to myself, “this is so messed up, why am I reading this?” Horrorstor is a very clever book and it has a wicked sense of humour. Hats off to Hendrix this was a brilliant way to start the year.